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I've always wanted to build an airplane ever since I first worked at Cessna in the 1960's. As a young engineer, I soon discovered that my salary wasn't keeping up with the rate of price increases on new planes. Then one day I saw Bert Rutan's VariViggen design and I knew that I wanted to build a plane.

Well 40 years later I've retired and I bought a Lancair Legacy Project that had been in mothballs for 6 years. This is a multi-year endeavor involving a broad range of technologies from composite construction, to electrical, hydraulics, avionics, mechanical, engine and interior/exterior finishing detail.

In other words, a lot of fun!

The L2K/RG Blackbird is named for its high-tech carbon fiber airframe and black racing paint scheme. It is one of the worlds fastest single engine piston powered airplanes.
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